Company Profile

J.R. Smith Welding Service is a provider of high quality service and workmanship to clients requiring infield certified welding and machining service solutions. Specializing in the certified repair and reconditioning of large industrial machinery components used in seaport and intermodel rail container handling, and bulk material stevedoring machinery, as well as manufacturing, mining and construction machinery.

All projects are carried out using original equipment manufacturer designed and approved repair procedures. Completed certified welding work is third party inspected and fully documented to American Welding Society D 1.1 structural welding code standards. Projects are completed safely, courteously and professionally, on time and on budget as quoted.


Our Infield Welding and Cutting Services Include:

  • A.W.S. D 1.1 Certified Structural Welding & Fabrication Specialist.
  • Mild and High Strength Steel, Aluminum, and Stainless Steel.
  • Stick, MIG, TIG, & Flux Core Welding Processes.
  • Automated Bore Welding.
  • Air Carbon Arc Gouging Through 600 Amp Capacity.
  • Plasma Cutting Through 1 inch Thickness Capacity.
  • Exothermic Cutting & Piercing.
  • Hight Output Heating of Steel Material 3 Inches and Greater in Thickness.
  • Oxy Acetylene Flame Cutting.

Our Infield Machining Services Include:

  • Line Boring 1-3/8″ Through 24 Inch Diameter.
  • Heavy Duty Boring Through 24 Inch Diameter.
  • Blind Hold Boring.
  • Facing and Thickness Reduction Machining Through 24 Inch Round Outside Diameter.
  • Heavy Duty Large Diameter Magnetic Drilling.
  • Heavy Duty Core Drilling Through 5 Inch Diameter.
  • Heavy Duty Morse Taper Drilling Through #5 Morse Taper Drill Bit Size.
  • Drilling Thru Side Walls of Round Pipe and Tubing.
  • Internal Snap Ring Groove Cutting.
  • Tapping.
  • In Place Key Way Machining, Sizes up to  1-1/4 Inch Width, in up to a 10-1/2 Inch.
  • Slotted Hold Machining in Plate, Pipe, Tubing and Structural Shapes.
  • In Line and Cross Milling of Flat Surfaces on Round Bars and Shafts.
  • Edge Bevel and Radius Edge Machining in Plate, Pipe, Tubing and Structural Shapes.
  • Inside and Outside Radius, Round, Square and Elliptical Hole Edge Bevel Machining.
  • Band Saw Cutting 9 x 10 Inch Rectangle and 9-3/4 Inch Round Capacity with Miter Cutting Capability.

Specialized Infield Metalworking Services Include:

  • Drilling and Removal of Broken Bolts and Studs from Blind Threaded Holes up to 24 Inches in Diameter.
  • Worn and Damaged Threaded Bolt Hole Repair and Replacement.
  • Worn Keyway and Shaft Repair.
  • Removal of Frozen Shafts, Pins and Bushings from Holes and Bearings.
  • Removal of Frozen Nuts from Bolts, Shafts and Spindles.
  • Hydraulic Pressing of Pins and Bushings Through 100 Ton Capacity.
  • Portable Liquid Nitrogen Service.
  • Hydraulic Jacking and Straightening Through 300 Tons Capacity.
  • Custom Industrial Metal Fabrication Work to Customer Requirements.
  • Fabrication of Obsolete or Aftermarket Machinery Replacement Parts.
  • Repair of Worn Hydraulic Cylinder Eyes and Anchor Pins.
  • Installation of Grease Ports and Fittings.
  • Machinery Reconditioning.
  • Collision Repair.
  • Third Parry Inspected, Certified Welding Repairs and Modifications or Manufactures Requirements.
  • Manufacturer Upgrades to Current Production and Warranty Work.
  • Certified Welding Production Runs.
  • Industrial Machinery Repair and Maintenance Work.
  • In Plant Structural Steel Installation and Modifications.
  • Bolted Connection Repairs.
  • ASNT Level 2, AC/DC Magnetic Particle Inspection.

Additional Field Service Rental Capabilities Include:

  • Truck Mounted, Diesel Engine, Single and Three Phase 110/240 Volt 20 KW Electrical Power Generator.
  • Truck Mounted, Diesel Engine, 60 CFM Air Compressor with Air Dryer.
  • Compact All Terrain 4×4 Telehandler Forklift,  6000 Pound Capacity,  18 Foot Lift Height, with Diesel Engine, Self Dumping Hopper and High Capacity Light Material Bucket.

J.R. Smith Welding Service successfully drills and removes large diameter broken bolts and studs from threaded holes at your location.  We also repair oblong worn bolt holes, and threaded holes with stripped or damaged threads in all types of large machinery and structural steel components. Worn holes are filled with weld metal, re drilled and tapped to their original size and thread pitch.